- The Washington Times - Thursday, July 14, 2011


Generations are defined by significant events that affect a certain age group. Examples are the “Greatest Generation,” baby boomers and Generation X. Under the Obama administration, another generation has emerged: “Generation Debt” or those too young to vote in 2008 who will inherit the $14 trillion national debt (“Debt ceiling negotiations: Pelosi, Boehner, Obama and Reid play Liar’s Poker,” Web, Communities, Tuesday).

Consider this: How many Americans would pay off $50,000 worth of gambling debts for a dead great uncle they never knew? Not many, I’m guessing. I probably wouldn’t.

The national debt came about because of politicians who have ignored the Constitution under the guise of the moral superiority of a progressive Democratic majority. With passionate fervor, progressives have created a religion, complete with a unique moral code of political correctness, liberal media preachers and powerful spiritual leaders who are intent on declaring the federal government the supreme authority. Unfortunately, it is more likely that the progressives have instead created a modern version of the Tower of Babel.

The problem with the progressive argument in general is that the U.S. government is a constitutional republic that requires all member states to have a republican form of government. The word “democracy” cannot be found in our Constitution or any of its amendments. The Founders specifically avoided creating a democracy, viewing it as a mob-rule format that would allow a lazy majority to forcibly enslave a productive minority. Sound familiar?

Generation Debt will eventually raise up its own leaders, who will decide the final disposition of the debt sins of their grandparents. Payback will be hell.


Latrobe, Pa.



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