- The Washington Times - Friday, July 22, 2011


I applaud Rep. Ted Poe, Texas Republican and a member of the House Judiciary Committee, for his courage to speak his conscience (“Rep. Poe looks to have VAWA rewritten as gender neutral,” Web, Blogs Water Cooler, Thursday).

Arrayed against his correct perspective will be all the usual suspects who have been deriving massive power and personal financial gain based on false premises and at huge taxpayer expense. At a minimum, these will include all feminist organizations, the anti-domestic-violence industry and the divorce industry, including divorce lawyers, family court judges, psychologists, custody evaluators, supervised visitation staff and the large child-support collection industry.

In our current economic times and with the need to reduce government waste, Mr. Poe’s views are an idea whose time has come - not only to save money, but more importantly, to spend it wisely on those who truly need it. I wish that I lived in his district. He would get my vote.


Emeritus professor of psychology

Florida International University




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