- The Washington Times - Wednesday, June 1, 2011


While Sol Sanders may be an expert on money, unfortunately, he is not accurate about the number of Palestinian Arabs who left what is now the modern state of Israel before the 1948 War of Independence (“No prosperity on the cheap,” Economy, Monday).

Many of these people left voluntarily, expecting to return with invading Arab armies to expel Jews and seize their property. The most accurate number for this group is 550,000, while the count of Jews, forced penniless from Arab lands during the 1948 war, is more than 900,000.

Furthermore, the gross domestic product growth of 10 percent cited for the Palestinian territories compares to a very small base, allowing large percentage increases even with only minor improvement. Also not mentioned in the article is the nearly $2 billion a year pumped into the coffers of the Palestinian Authority by the United States, the World Bank, the IMF and various Arab and European nations. This amount is equivalent to $5,000 per a family of seven, which exceeds the normal annual wages of a Palestinian worker.


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