- The Washington Times - Thursday, June 16, 2011


How did the Democratic National Committee become as mean-spirited and dishonest as it is today? It began in 1992 when Bill Clinton got into office.

In order to beat his numerous scandals, Mr. Clinton had to remake the Democratic Party into a larger version of his campaign war room. In the 1992 campaign, the Clinton war room had one goal: to win. Nothing else mattered - ethics, reputations, even the national good was expendable as long as he won. Nothing was allowed to stand in the way.

The DNC leadership has always reflected and defined the attitude of the party. So let’s look at the DNC chairmen since Mr. Clinton left office: Terry McAuliffe, Howard Dean, Tim Kaine and now Debbie Wasserman Schultz. These people seem to have one common feature: mean-spiritedness. The Democratic Party again has one and only one goal: to win in 2012, and to do so at nearly any cost, including honesty.

No one typifies the sleazy DNC attitude better than Mrs. Wasserman Schultz. Simply put, she is a mean person who will demagogue anyone and anything. In other words, she’s the perfect head of the current DNC.


Vancouver, Wash.



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