- The Washington Times - Thursday, June 23, 2011


Joining the presidential race is easy - winning is hard. If former Ambassador Jon Huntsman hopes to win, he needs to start with getting the basics right (“Santorum welcomes Huntsman to GOP race with parody ad,” Web, Politics, Tuesday).

His pre-announcement campaign was masterful, his announcement at the Statue of Liberty well-played. But we’re living in the Internet age, and if Mr. Huntsman hopes to beat his former boss, he’s going to have to lift a page from the president’s playbook. He needs to get Net-savvy and small-donor-dollar-wise fast.

I’ve long thought Mr. Huntsman has the makings of a president - ever since I saw him being interviewed by Charlie Rose in December. Once I read that he finally had taken the plunge, I immediately tried to Google his official campaign website so I could make an online donation. I couldn’t find his campaign website, much less an online means to donate.

The sooner the ambassador wires his Chinese-made laptop to the Internet small-donor highway, the better his odds of arriving at his desired destination.


Dulles, Va.



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