- The Washington Times - Friday, June 24, 2011


Israel’s decision to supply building materials, purportedly for constructing houses and schools in Gaza, is an unprecedented, generous gesture that would not have been made by any nation at war with another (“Israel OKs building in Gaza Strip,” World, Wednesday).

Certainly, during World War II the Allies would not have allowed a naval shipment to Hamburg, Germany, to rebuild that city after the Allies had essentially reduced to shambles the critical port for the German war effort. Nor would the Russians have allowed supplies to be sent to the entrapped German armies during the lifting of the siege of Stalingrad.

Israel is at war with Hamas after being bombarded by more than 10,000 missiles. Would any nation other than Israel respond by permitting critical materials to reach the opposition with a possible dual function of rebuilding houses shattered during the ongoing war and reinforcing the military capability of Hamas? The answer is a resounding no.


Silver Spring, Md.



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