- The Washington Times - Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney defends government-run medical care in Massachusetts (“Club for Growth: ‘Serious concerns’ over Romney’s record,” Inside Politics, June 8). But it didn’t work in Kentucky, and it doesn’t work in Massachusetts.

Passing the buck to the states is not a solution to the health care problem. If there are citizens who cannot afford medical care, the government should just pay for it or voucher it. For the rest of us, the solution for resolving the central problem of the cost of medical care in this country is, very simply, the market. Government should get out of the way and let the market do the work of guaranteeing quality and innovation, and at the same time, making it possible for competition to continuously lower prices.

The clumsy government interference, excessive control, waste and corruption that we experience now would be completely turned around in a marketplace. Government, not business, is generally the source of corruption. I should be able to buy catastrophic medical insurance from anywhere I wish in the United States. This would encourage states to reduce mandates in order for insurance providers in their state to compete.

Many health care needs do not require insurance unless a person desires and can afford it. Does Mr. Romney understand this? I wonder.


Salt Lake City



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