- The Washington Times - Thursday, May 5, 2011


The Obama administration has followed a delusional path in its approach to Syria (“The Nobama doctrine,” Comment & Analysis, April 28). The more Syria has pursued anti-U.S., anti-Israel and anti-United Arab Emirates policies, the more willing we have been to appease that supporter of a terrorist regime.

Previous administrations have recognized that Syria has long been one of the bad guys, while this administration has attempted to use political blandishments and recognition to change an intractable and aggressive Bashar Assad, but to no avail.

The result has been an international catastrophe for our government as we tear down our longtime allies while elevating our enemies to the status of friends. Our actions have been reminiscent of the failed foreign policy of Jimmy Carter, which he still espouses as a private citizen, of currying favor with the likes of North Korea, Iran and Syria, while bitterly attacking our friends such as Israel.


Silver Spring



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