- The Washington Times - Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The Supreme Court has ruled that what you do in the bedroom with an adult is your own business. But two minor males kissing in a school play, “Zanna, Don’t!” which was approved by Hartford High School Principal Adam Johnson in Hartford, Conn., seems to be expanding the intent of the courts (“Can’t we battle bullying without politics?” Web, Oct. 26).

Why would someone in charge of the health, safety and general welfare of your children in your absence be promoting a homosexual lifestyle - a lifestyle that has been statistically shown to significantly reduce the lifespan of those who participate in it?

Worse yet, thanks to Obamacare, which will be mandatory, those living a healthier life style will be forced to subsidize the increased medical costs associated with a riskier, homosexual one. Public schools are not appropriate places to glamorize behavior that can ultimately lead to a shorter life.


Towanda, Pa.



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