- The Washington Times - Wednesday, November 2, 2011


For those citizens concerned about our national security, leadership in international affairs, support of our allies and having a strong military to defend us against our enemies, the 2012 elections will provide the opportunity to halt our president’s failed policies.

The poor economy, high unemployment and energy troubles - all of which were major problems when President Obama took office - are still with us, and Mr. Obama’s neglect has worsened our economy and increased our deficit.

Democrats like to sidestep the terrible economy and portray Mr. Obama as a great commander in chief and leader in international diplomacy. Osama bin Laden was killed by his order but much of the intelligence and tracking program were started by the Bush administration. Libya was liberated from a tyrant but it was the French and Germans who took the lead from the start. Mr. Obama’s policy seems to be as follows: Be nice to your enemies and criticize your allies.

He ignored the advice of his military leaders and plans to withdraw all troops from Iraq by the end of 2011. He responded slowly to generals’ requests and limited the U.S. troop surge to 30,000 in Afghanistan, which reduced the effectiveness of our presence and cost many military lives. There was verified information that Iran was providing aid to our enemies in Iraq and Afghanistan in the form of equipment, weapons, technical support and personnel.

Both Iran and North Korea have been proceeding with their plans for nuclear weapons, yet Mr. Obama is still pursuing further talks. China and Russia continue increasing their spheres of influence and subtle takeover or control of other countries. They suppress freedom of dissent and punish their detractors. Mr. Obama has failed to stand up to them and allows them to thwart necessary actions against terrorist-sponsoring Iran and North Korea.

These are only a few of the Obama policy failures, and restoring our national security with new leadership should be the critical issue of the 2012 elections.


Centerville, Mass.



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