- The Washington Times - Thursday, October 13, 2011

I have been involved in the Tea Party since its inception, and I can state with certainty that the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters in Manhattan are not representative of the same America as we Tea Party folks.

The Manhattan group looks like a microcosm of the ‘60s anti-establishment, protest-everything movement that set this country on a path to mediocrity. Their anti-capitalist, hate-the-rich rants are emblematic of a segment of society that would rather whine for their fair share of government handouts than work to increase their station in life and achieve independence.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that President Obama is feeding into their protests; after all, he was a community organizer who engaged in such activities and aligned himself with the radicals of his youth.

One can only wonder what President Ronald Reagan would do in this situation. I believe he would tell them to stop complaining, direct their energy toward getting jobs and move forward with their lives. That is quite a contrast to our current president, who views himself as the leader of the movement for expanded government largesse and dependence on Uncle Sam.

The question all Americans must answer is: Which direction should the country be headed? Do we want European socialism or American exceptionalism? I choose the latter.


Dale City, Va.

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