- The Washington Times - Thursday, October 13, 2011


Republican candidate Mitt Romney has boasted that today in Massachusetts, there is universal medical care coverage (“Praising Romney’s flip-flopping ways,” Commentary, Tuesday).

He has emphasized the importance of everyone having coverage, but he has said nothing about the cost or effectiveness of Romneycare. Kentucky tried something similar and scrapped it. A more serious question, however, is: Does Mr. Romney really understand that a nationwide, market-driven medical care strategy is the best solution? Yes, states can design their own approach, but the medical care consumer should be able to buy insurance and medical care from anywhere in the United States. Let the market work its magic.

In addition, I wonder whether Mr. Romney understands the economic impact of the phony greenhouse gases theory. Cheap energy is essential to America’s competitiveness now and in the future. The carbon-dioxide-induced global-warming fraud is an integral part of the left’s agenda for state takeover and control.

Does Mr. Romney understand this? It doesn’t look as if he does, and that worries me. His view of economics and the economy is not comprehensive.


Salt Lake City



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