- - Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chris Singleton was selected by the Wizards with the 18th overall pick in this spring’s NBA draft. In the third of a series, Singleton shares with The Washington Times’ Carla Peay his thoughts on an NBA dream put on hold and his plans for the lockout.

I’m back in school at Florida State after doing a lot of traveling the past couple of weeks. And trying to make some money. I had a chance to play in the Jimmer [Fredette] all-star game in Utah. I was glad to be invited to play. There were a lot of skilled, talented players in that game. It was good to be there with everybody.

It was a game for the rookies, all of us who are sitting here in limbo because of the lockout. We all talked about it; about what we’re going through. It’s different for everybody, depending on your family, depending on your situation, but everybody’s in limbo.

I feel like there are three levels of guys right now. There are the people just coming in, there are the people who are still trying to prove themselves, and there are the people who already have proved themselves. I think that last group has it a little easier.

As rookies, we’re keeping up on what’s going on, but nobody has put in a call to [players’ union president] Derek Fisher. But I know he’s talked to our agents. All we can do as rookies is get ready for the season and hope this thing gets solved. We’re all just waiting for the phone to ring. Kind of like draft night.

I know people are worried about not having a season, but I think we’ll have one. If I had to make a guess, I’d say we get into camp by December, maybe get the season going by January. I have heard some talk about the negotiations, about whether some of the stars should be speaking out more, but to me, the stars have stepped up, because they are all still here. They haven’t gone overseas.

Maybe if we miss the whole season, some of the stars might consider that option, but it looks to me like they are staying here and fighting for a deal. My focus is still on staying here and finishing school. I won’t really think about going overseas unless we miss the whole season.

I’ve heard a lot about the players having more of these summer league games, pick up games. I’m planning to play one more, in Atlanta at Morehouse, but then after that, I’m done. It will just be time to focus on school.

I know these games are popular with the fans, and some of the guys like playing in them, but they’re just not as meaningful as a real game. They’re not as competitive. Nothing is on the line. No one is really going at it hard. People are just out there to have fun. I’m just not going to do it anymore.

I’m hoping to get together with some teammates to work out again. I’d love to do that. We need to get to know each other. Team bonding is important at this point. We’re trying to work out everyone’s schedule.

It also would be nice to give the fans in D.C. something to get motivated about.

I’m upset because the Redskins lost to the Cowboys. Don’t like the Cowboys. We need to see more winning teams in D.C. Hopefully one day soon, it will be us.



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