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Culture challenge of the week: New York’s “sex ed” fraud

As the appalling details of New York City’s newly mandated sex-ed program trickle out, parents have reacted with shock and disgust - and rightly so.

In August, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced the return of mandatory sex-education classes to New York City schools, targeting black and Hispanic teens in particular - two groups with soaring rates of sexually transmitted disease and pregnancy.

The sex-ed initiative claims to support abstinence as the best way to avoid pregnancy and STDs/HIV. And when the program was announced, Deputy Mayor Linda I. Gibbs, proclaimed the city’s good intentions: “We want to help kids to delay the onset of sexual activity, and if they choose to engage in sexual activity, to do it in a healthy way.”

Fine words, but they’re contradicted by the facts. The program promotes sex while giving lip service to abstinence. Worse, it does so in graphic detail, portraying as normal every kind of deviance (one supporter called them “alternative ways of having sex”).

There’s nothing healthy about introducing sixth-graders (as young as 11 - some still pre-puberty) to anal sex, bestiality or porn. The suggested curriculum resources, such as Columbia University’s explicit sex website, Go Ask Alice, provide additional instruction on kinky “toys” and degrading activities as if they were perfectly normal.

In case you doubt my summary, here’s an example from this “resource” New York City recommends its children visit: “Rimming, also called anilingus, refers to making oral-anal contact. While sometimes a precursor to anal sex, rimming is a form of stimulation that can be its own means to an erotic end.”

If you, as an adult, are offended by reading it, just imagine its impact on a 12-year-old.

The New York Post obtained copies of recommended course workbooks - something plain old parents have not yet been permitted to do - and discovered a world of perversion wearing the cloak of “comprehensive, age-appropriate, medically accurate sex ed.”

In fact, even apart from the course’s offensive messages, medical experts dispute the accuracy of its content. Dr. Miriam Grossman, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, author and sex-education specialist, evaluated the recommended materials and found “significant flaws” in the curriculum, such as inaccurate descriptions of medical risks and recommendations based on erroneous views of child development.

While the materials minimize the health risks of casual sex (whether “protected” or not) the course as a whole does far greater damage. It sends the message that sex is as pedestrian as ordering a soda and fries - just a whole lot more fun. And while some selections on the sexual menu may be healthier than others, when it comes to sex, there’s really no wrong choice. In fact, right and wrong seem to have no place in the discussion.

What if parents disagree?

The program, as written, provides only a limited opt-out choice - parents may remove their child only from the classes that deal with contraceptive methods, including condom instruction.

What about all that messaging that sells meaningless sex in all its “alternative” forms?


How to save your family: Fight back, opt out, say no.

The NYC Parents Choice Coalition is fighting back. Drawing support from parents and local politicians, the coalition urges concerned citizens to contact Mr. Bloomberg, Education Chancellor Dennis M. Walcott, borough leaders and family advocates to protest the mandate as well as sign the coalition’s petition. The petition demands abstinence-centered education in city schools so that parents will have the freedom to instill their own values in their children.

If you don’t live in New York City, forward this column to someone who does; encourage him or her to speak up and fight back.

Back in August, when the New York City Department of Education announced the sex-ed mandate, its efforts were applauded by all the usual suspects, including Planned Parenthood and the pro-abortion lobby NARAL Pro-Choice New York.

Their enthusiasm should serve as a warning to parents:

“As groundbreaking as this mandate may be,” stated NARAL Pro-Choice New York, “it should be the beginning and not the end of the city’s efforts to provide students with the comprehensive, age-appropriate, medically accurate sexuality education they need.”

If this is only the beginning, parents had better resist now. It’s only going to get worse.

We have their word on that.

Rebecca Hagelin can be reached at rebecca@howtosaveyourfamily.com.

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