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Rep. Dan Burton, Indiana Republican, understands what many Americans still don’t: President Obama is on track to undermine the American way (“The danger of underestimating Obama,” Commentary, Aug. 9).

Mr. Hope and Change is an indoctrinated socialist committed to convert America to, at best, a European-style social democracy. He wants to create a nation humbled, casting aside the virtues of capitalism and individual freedom for one where all production, distribution and essential services are government-controlled. This would be a system that genuflects to mediocrity and steals personal aspiration and opportunity.

Indeed, his most noteworthy accomplishment has been his ability to achieve his objective over so many facets of our economy in less then one term. This is a man who understands our system of government. He understands the three-branch model and has brazenly used the loopholes therein to avoid the natural checks and balances meant to avert the very excesses he has imposed.

Whether it is the creation of czars to avoid Senate confirmation, executive orders in lieu of legislative due process or the bare-knuckle tactics of using budgetary reconciliation rules to impose Obamacare, Mr. Obama exhibits clearly that he is a man who will not be denied.

Unable to take control of our energy sector, he has instructed his activists at the Environmental Protection Agency to achieve the same end through the back door by rewriting and redefining the terms of government rule-making.

His brutal imposition of government control over the auto industry was a disgrace; he ran roughshod over the rules of law and private contract rights of bondholders, again using the power of the office to intimidate those who would not acquiesce.

Mr. Obama’s first act as president after rudely returning the bust of Winston Churchill to England, our most trusted ally, was to attempt to take control of the national census and anoint and fund the corrupt and radical ACORN organization to continue the manipulation the group is well-known for.

Mr. Obama placed the radical Eric H. Holder Jr. as head of the Justice Department to use his own interpretation of the laws and criminalize American activities by honorable citizens who defended our freedoms in the war on terrorism. Mr. Holder dropped prosecution of the New Black Panther Party radicals on a clear case of voter intimidation.

The president’s Supreme Court nominees have a disdain for our sacred documents, viewing them as obstructions to the plan of rewriting the contract between the people and their government.

Mr. Obama is not stupid; he knows this is a nation that prides itself on exceptionalism, a concept which seems to sear his being. He knows he runs the risk of being found out for the anti-American radical he is, and thus, last only one term; hence, the rush to do so much damage so quickly. He understands that he may fail in his re-election, but has made great advances in his socialist agenda.

It is not the first time that bad has been portrayed as good. Mr. Obama is not naive. He is a zealot and fervent believer in his dogma. Unfortunately, it is dogma that is simply not American.



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