- The Washington Times - Friday, September 2, 2011


As a native of the Washington area now living outside the United States, I thoroughly enjoy reading The Washington Times online and receiving the paper’s email updates. However, two recent items used terminology that I and possibly many other readers find offensive.

The first, “In wake of disasters, some see economic opportunity” (Web, Tuesday) said, “Mother Nature may be providing a silver lining in the form of a business stimulus package.” Similarly, an editorial the same day, headlined “Cloudy outlook for global warming faithful,” said, “Mother Nature is still in control of the environment.” The term “Mother Nature,” particularly when capitalized, refers to a pagan goddess. If you mean God, please say God, which is a generic term that should be acceptable to all religions, not just pagans. If you wish to avoid all mention of a divine entity, please also avoid using the misleading term Mother Nature.


Managua, Nicaragua



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