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BLACKSBURG, Va. | Virginia Tech on Tuesday announced the terms of football coach Frank Beamer’s four-year contract extension, and also an eight-year stint as a special assistant to the athletic director that Beamer believes will prevent awkwardness at the end of his coaching career.

Beamer agreed to the extension in August 2010, and Saturday it was announced that he and the school had finalized the details.

Beamer, who just began his 25th season coaching at his alma mater, didn’t specify when he wants to retire but said he plans to coach at least until the end of 2016, when he will be 70. That’s when his four-year extension expires. He will work under his current contract this season and next, before the new deal takes effect in 2013.

Whenever Beamer decides to stop coaching, he will immediately go into the special assistant job, which will pay him $250,000 a year and primarily involve fundraising. He already does that extensively by speaking at meetings of the Hokie Club, the fundraising organization for Tech’s athletic department.

“I don’t want anything to be awkward at the end, whenever that end is,” Beamer said. “I don’t plan on it being any time soon. I think I’ll know exactly when is the right time to finish up coaching at Virginia Tech. I think so much of this place and it’s been so good to me, that when the right time is, I think I’ll know that.”

Beamer said he doesn’t expect the end of his coaching career to be awkward because he will go right into the special assistant job.

His current contract, which took effect for the 2006 season, pays him $272,328 in base salary, as it has since the beginning of the deal. His retention incentive has increased periodically and is about $1.8 million this year. It will be about $1.9 million next year. So Beamer is guaranteed to make $2,072,328 this year and $2,172,328 in 2012.

In the first year of the four-year extension, his base salary will increase to $285,000. It will go up 5 percent in each of the three years after that. His retention incentive will start at $2,020,627 in 2013 and increase by $100,000 before each of the next three years. So Beamer’s guaranteed compensation in the four years of the extension will be $2.305-, $2.419-, $2.534- and $2.650 million.

“I want to make it clear right now, just because the term of the contract goes through Dec. 31, 2016, that does not signal the end of his coaching tenure,” said athletic director Jim Weaver. “We will talk [about an extension past 2016] any time any one of us wants to talk - be that Frank, be that me, be that the president of the university. We know when we have a good thing going on and we’re not about to do anything to dismantle it.”

Beamer is 199-95-2 at Tech - and 175-55 since Tech’s streak of bowl game appearances began in 1993, his seventh season. Saturday at East Carolina, he will try to become the ninth Division I-A coach to win 200 or more games at one school.

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