- The Washington Times - Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Northeast man has been charged with second-degree murder after police said he shot an acquaintance six times while apparently high on PCP.

Police found Draynell Paul Henderson, 30, on Wednesday evening laying face down in a puddle of blood in the hallway of an apartment complex in the 600 block of 24th Street Northeast, according to court records. Just steps away inside an apartment, officers found Keyon Caldwell, 33, laying motionless on the floor, apparently under the influence of PCP.

One witness who was in the apartment that evening told police that when Mr. Henderson came over, he told Mr. Caldwell, “I got something good for us,” and that the two left the apartment. After that, the witness went to the bedroom and about 15 minutes later heard several gunshots that sounded like they came from inside the apartment.

When the witness went to investigate, the person saw Mr. Caldwell on the floor pointing a gun out the apartment doorway toward where Mr. Henderson lay on the floor in the hallway, according to charging documents filed in D.C. Superior Court. The witness pried the gun from Mr. Caldwell’s hand, threw it in a drawer in the bedroom and called police.

Officers arrested Mr. Caldwell at the apartment complex where he lived. In addition to the gun, court documents said a large knife, brass knuckles and ammunition were found in his possession.

A preliminary hearing was scheduled for April 20.



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