- The Washington Times - Monday, April 23, 2012


I realize that people by now are calling me an old-timer, but I still have good memories of pulling into service stations and asking the attendants to “fill ‘er up.”

Those were the good old days when one could fill up for $10 to $15 and expect service with a smile. While one attendant was filling up my gas tank, another was washing my windshield and another was checking my oil. And when this was completed, I was asked if my tires needed to be checked. Then, if my floorboard needed sweeping, someone would sweep it out. To top it off, service stations in those days would wash your car and fix a flat - all with a smile.

Why were they smiling? They were actually earning their money and making a living. It’s that simple. But have you noticed that nowadays you pump your own gas, pay the man or woman at the window, and if you can get a “hello” out of them, you’re lucky? How things have changed.


Jacksboro, Texas



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