- The Washington Times - Monday, August 20, 2012


In her all important “lightness of being,” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has trumped her traditional code of mean-spirited, destroy-anything-in-the-way methods to become a hollow and failed chief diplomat.

Beyond Mrs. Clinton’s traditional stretching of the truth is her pattern of abdication in the world’s flash points where America’s moral superiority has been so often counted on to face down tyranny. Now we have a woman who has been reduced to making banal and embarrassing comments in the wake of life-and-death situations. She floats from one capital to another, chatty, playful and totally without substance. Hers is an insulting echo of her boss’s lead-from-behind rhetoric systematically undermining America’s global leadership.

When one spans this republic’s arc of destiny stained with the blood of our heroes who died for the cause of freedom from Normandy and the Halls of Montezeuma to those Afghan warrens of evil, it is with deep embarrassment that we watch this reign of incompetence. Former President Bill Clinton is many things but for certain he has a shrewd sense of the political animal. His term for Barack Obama, “the amateur,” could not be more apt.

Let us hope that the next administration will see to it that Foggy Bottom is governed by a true professional “who will restore our national dignity, maintain our national interests and command the respect we deserve.” Did I hear someone mention John Bolton?


Palm Beach, Fla.



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