- The Washington Times - Monday, August 20, 2012


President Obama is always talking about “fairness,” so why are the presidential and vice-presidential debates always so unfair?

Earlier this week, the mediators were announced for the upcoming debates: Martha Raddatz of ABC News, Bob Schieffer of CBS News, Candy Crowley of CNN and Jim Lehrer of PBS. These mediators, not to mention the networks, are all liberal. There is nothing fair about debates that begin with bias.

The only fair way to approach the debates is to have a more conservative co-mediator with the above-named mediators. Victor Davis Hanson, Thomas Sowell, Peggy Noonan and Brit Hume are just a start to a long list of qualified participants. That really is the only fair way, the only way the debates have a chance of any credibility. Quite frankly, while I am not a conspiracy theorist, I do not trust any of those networks or mediators not to expose questions to Democrats beforehand. They are all so incestuous.

As a passionate supporter of the Romney-Ryan ticket, I want debates to be fair. As it stands now, I have no confidence this will happen.


Brandon, Miss.



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