Friday, August 24, 2012

It is frustrating to read that some in the Tea Party are not backing our presumptive GOP presidential nominee wholeheartedly (“Tea party voters lack enthusiasm for Romney,” Web, Wednesday). Considering that I have been to just about every Tea Party rally in Washington and agree with Tea Party principles, I view myself as a member of the Tea Party. This is a classic example of cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face. I’m sorry if other Tea Party members’ favorite candidates didn’t make the cut, but they need to get over it.

I am behind our slate of Republican candidates — all of them, locally and nationally — and I am doing whatever I can to help them get elected. This election comes at a critical time in our republic, and on Nov. 6, we will choose either liberty or tyranny. If we are not enthusiastically behind the Romney-Ryan ticket, we stand to lose everything the Founding Fathers fought for.

Four more years of President Obama’s unconstitutional policies will destroy our great country, and we may never get it back. The Supreme Court will be stacked with liberals, we will lose the freedom to choose our own health care, our religious freedoms will be violated and censored, our children and grandchildren will be burdened with insurmountable debt, our borders will be vulnerable to illegals who will further drain our resources, we will be crushed by taxes and regulation, and the United States will cease to be the “shining city upon a hill” and the hope of the world.

I am confident that Mitt Romney will prove to be a better president than any of us are giving him credit for. If you’re not for us, you’re against us.


Berwyn Heights

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