- The Washington Times - Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Democrats are spinning “facts” at a furious pace, creating vast clouds of dust to camouflage their maneuvers. While conducting their anything-goes efforts on behalf of President Obama, they are being stalked by a restless 1,000-pound gorilla in the room, still ignored by the left, the media and many of our government officials.

W. Todd Aiken, the hapless Republican senatorial candidate, was guilty only of political foot-in-mouth disease, but he inadvertently dumped more dust for use by the Democrats. This misstep enabled viral strategic hysteria by the left and frenzied, biased media reports to draw attention from the multitudes of truths that would unravel the Obama “mystique.” There is a growing list of the man’s disregard for the people, the country and the Constitution. From the start of his march to the White House, Mr. Obama has had an army of enablers who have sidestepped rules and regulations to put him into power. The only question remaining is, “Why?”

The gorilla: It’s a media blackout and alarming lack of transparency with regard to important documents from the president’s past. Only The Washington Times dared to break ranks and still shines as a beacon of honest reporting.

The time to save America shortens daily. Fear of the truth won’t save America, but apathy will destroy it. America cannot continue living a lie, and only the truth will restore the constitutional freedoms we’ve always known.


Royal Oak, Md.

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