- The Washington Times - Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Republican National Committee plans to probe GOP failures in the 2012 election (“RNC to see what went wrong,” Web, Monday). Look no further. Here is what went wrong: Left-wing activist judges took God out of the classroom and public square, and educators started teaching revisionist history and social issues.

Instead of teaching their students to think critically for themselves, educators now tell youngsters what to think. It’s no secret that the left owns the public school and collegiate educational systems. The unions own the teachers and professors and therefore, many teach leftist philosophy in order to keep their wages and benefits above those of the average private-sector employees.

Unions have become huge bullies with tremendous voting blocs. We have abandoned our God-fearing heritage and principles, our Constitution and the Founding Fathers — all for political correctness. Our country has lost its soul.

The government is employing more than 100 new employees every month. With this sort of bloated government, most civil servants vote Democratic to keep the gravy train going. They fear not doing so could cost them their livelihoods. The average government employee makes $84,000 per year, far more than their counterparts in the private sector. With more and more Americans on disability, unemployment, food stamps and Medicaid, more than half of our nation has become dependent on government. This is a real threat to our freedom.

When people on welfare get to decide that entrepreneurs and job creators must spend more and more of their hard-earned money to support others, we are in a heap of trouble. Those with their hand in the government till will continue to vote Democratic to expand their benefits with even more government handouts. This will insure Democratic control of our country until we go broke. That is what “went wrong.”


Berwyn Heights, Md.

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