- The Washington Times - Wednesday, December 26, 2012


In this season of hope and faith that the star of Bethlehem will bring “peace on earth and goodwill to all men,” the yoke of tyranny and blind hatred for our Judeo-Christian ethic is in the ascent. Here in the land of the last great hope of mankind, in one nation “indivisible under God,” the denial is strongest in the most important halls of political power.

With a president whose political art is the raw denial of his daily actions, in near-absolute contradiction of his words we have a primal example of his disdain for our spiritual and strategic ally, Israel. In the shadow of his marketing campaign for a second term, we got an illustration of his true beliefs.

Fresh from his defiant endorsement for secretary of state of Susan Rice, a woman with a harsh and tangible career as a friend of tyranny and disdain for Israel, Mr. Obama proceeds to endorse Sen. Chuck Hagel for secretary of defense.

Mr. Hagel, whose grasp of all matters international is at best marginal, has been a voice for nearly every invented heresy ever uttered in assault on Israel. From his myopic suspicion of a “Jewish lobby” in our midst to his puppetlike endorsement of every misdirected, anti-Israel argument employed by Hamas, the Palestinian Authority and all enemies in between, he is guilty of negligence for his loose-minded logic.

Mr. Hagel has reaffirmed time and again that he is right there at the top of the list of “useful idiots.” He repeatedly has confused Israel with an aggressor and her enemies with the aggrieved. Like all members of his zealous lot, he has misread treachery as victimhood.

All of this leads back to his potential boss, the commander in chief, who oddly enough shares all the very same sentiments. Mr. Obama’s choice of Mr. Hagel, so divorced from true competence and empathy, in such a position of power over our national defense forces is an eye-opener and affirmation of the Obama mantra of open defiance while maintaining denial of the same.


Palm Beach, Fla.



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