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Let’s pretend for a second that President Obama does not have a progressive/socialist agenda that has given him the focus to defy the Constitution.

Let’s say, just for argument’s sake, that he hasn’t turned over General Motors to his union allies or given billions to likely-to-fail solar-energy companies. Let’s also for the moment pretend that every single American is a dolt and none of us believe that Fast and Furious was not only known to Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. but personally authorized by him as well. For what other reason would he perjure himself in front of Congress?

I think we fully understand the ramifications of a second Obama presidency. His first strike likely will be a move to outlaw the private ownership of firearms, a concession to his nutty, gun-hating base. All of the various pieces needed to implement such a gargantuan task are in place with the passing of the National Defense Authorization Act. Bolt-action deer rifles will be relabeled “sniper rifles,” and pistols of any age used for any reason will be confiscated.

Make no mistake, fellow conservatives, Mr. Obama is counting on you to be stupid. Show him you’re not. Gather all the gun owners you know and take them to the polling place to vote against Mr. Obama in November. Tell your friends to get their friends and take them to vote against Mr. Obama, too.

There are 80 million firearms owners in America, and we have a voice. In November, vote for the Republican candidate.


Gainesville, Fla.

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