- The Washington Times - Friday, February 24, 2012

The recent attack on the Heartland Institute is just one more example of the psychopathy of the political left (“Climate change’s desperate caper,” Comment & Analysis, Friday). Of course, the real crime here is that Peter H. Gleick’s actions probably will go unpunished.

The editorial also might have mentioned the multibillion-dollar “environmental” groups that have lined up behind the global-warming crusade. Their fight truly has nothing to do with science. It is just one more example of a very well-funded political play, and it is driven by greed and a thirst for power.

The contradictions are becoming so stark in the Obama “green energy” scam (an offshoot of the global-warming religion) it makes you wonder whether people will ever wake up and realize they are being had.

Solyndra makes the news regularly and now appears to have culminated in a chemical-waste dump. It was just a template, however, for Obama campaign contributor paybacks. General Motors’ Chevy Volt - a $40,000, taxpayer-subsidized electric golf cart for the rich - is a total commercial dud.

The only bright spots in the U.S. energy picture appear to be in Ohio and Pennsylvania, where fracking technology is driving down the price of natural gas and new industries are being built to support this resource recovery. This actually has occurred in spite of the Obama administration.

During the last election, the culprits responsible for the housing/credit bubble either got re-elected, reappointed or bailed out. I wonder if the public is disgusted enough this time to put a stop to the incredible waste and corruption - and keep those responsible out of power for good.



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