Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kevin Knobloch, president of the Union of Concerned Scientists, exhibits shocking hypocrisy about transparent funding in his recent letter to The Washington Times (“Heartland inconsistent on document theft,” Tuesday).

Mr. Knobloch seeks to exploit global-warming alarmist Peter Gleick’s fraud, theft and dissemination of fake documents by singling out the victim of the crimes, the Heartland Institute, for funding criticisms. Mr. Knobloch claims “the public has a right to know” who gives money to the Heartland Institute, a nonprofit, public-policy organization.

Forgive me for citing some inconvenient truths, but the Union of Concerned Scientists has had no qualms about accepting large amounts of cash from groups, including the National Wildlife Federation, the Environmental Defense Fund and the Tides Foundation, each of which refuses to disclose its donors. I am still waiting for Mr. Knobloch to return the money or write letters to the editor singling out these groups for not disclosing their donors.

Also, the Heartland Institute used to disclose all of its donors and encourage other public-policy organizations to do the same. However, the very same groups that refused to be as transparent as the Heartland Institute engaged in harassment campaigns against Heartland donors while hiding behind their own funding anonymity. Eventually, the Heartland Institute tired of this one-way transparency, while the Union of Concerned Scientists responded by cozying up to, forming alliances with and accepting large chunks of money from Heartland’s critics.

Finally, it is appalling that the president of the Union of Concerned Scientists would use this occasion to criticize the Heartland Institute for promoting fact-based, unbiased global-warming science in the schools. How is it that bringing Al Gore’s propaganda into schools is commendable but when the Heartland Institute introduces facts and science to counter propaganda, it “is working to infiltrate” schools? The only wrongdoing here was perpetrated by Union of Concerned Scientists friend Peter Gleick, whether Kevin Knobloch would like us to forget that fact or not.


Senior fellow, Environment Policy

The Heartland Institute


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