- The Washington Times - Thursday, January 12, 2012


I only met Tony Blankley in person once but I followed his written and spoken comments closely enough that I felt I knew him well. I’ll miss him greatly. He was one of those rare observers of the public arena who could express strong opinions with wit as well as clarity, and who could inform without being offensive unless the reader or listener was determined to take offense.

In the many years The Washington Times fought for its share of an audience in the nation’s capital, Tony played a major role in giving you credibility and, more than that, likability. The obituary in the paper mentions that he was an actor but fails to mention he was also a producer. It should also be noted that one of his roles often comes around during the Christmas season: an appearance in “Santa Claus and the Tenth Avenue Kid” on “Alfred Hitchcock Presents,” which also starred the redoubtable Irishman Barry Fitzgerald and actress Virginia Gregg, who made the transition from popular radio star (“Gunsmoke,” “Have Gun Will Travel,” “Suspense,” etc.) to popular TV character actress, appearing frequently on Jack Webb’s “Dragnet.”

In short, Tony could have done many things but chose to serve his nation. For that we should all be grateful. We will miss his effective voice.


Arlington, Texas



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