- The Washington Times - Friday, January 13, 2012

President Obama is a man who truly does what he says and is artful at it.

But in the end, this is the mind of a harsh indoctrinator at work, committed to the dulling down of America’s greatness and amending our reach in accordance with his preordained need to apologize for our long-held hubris and hegemony.

Mr. Obama’s disdain for our Constitution is merely an extension of his belief that we are a flawed, militaristic, biased people with countless sins for which to atone.

From slavery, massive race bias and the imposition of our beliefs on foreign lands through arms, we have wronged many. And Mr. Obama has invented many a failing as well. From our supposed heartlessness toward the imagined downtrodden came Obamacare and a massive build-up of government entitlement spending unparalleled in our nation’s history.

Our president is so well trained and committed that he sternly informed the country on national TV “that soon I may have to bypass Congress if they don’t start to cooperate.” Weeks later, he invented a congressional recess to impose his will in the person of Richard Cordray as head of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and two union advocates to the National Labor Relations Board. How, you ask? Well, in his seething anger toward who we are, he will not be denied.

In the wake of such egregious acts in violation of constitutional norms, he now calibrates another shock to our system: He has announced massive cuts to our military spending. With his forced withdrawal from Iraq already leading to the predictable incursion of Iranian influence and sectarian violence, Mr. Obama commands his worldview to exist in a harmony of arrogance and ignorance. His apology tours destabilized allies and awakened our enemies to our vulnerability.

The destruction wrought by this man has no bounds. It is too simple - and indeed, unfair - to call him incompetent. From his perspective, he has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. To create a docile social-democratic model where military might is contained and sovereignty deemed an outdated notion is a utopia he has been trained to love.

When he proclaims himself a “citizen of the world,” he means it - for allegiances to nation-states are to him quaint and a means of oppression. As John Bolton has proclaimed, Mr. Obama is indeed our “first post-American president.”

For those previously subdued by the mantra of “Hope and Change” and are now confused by what he has done, forgiveness can be granted. Your seduction was timed perfectly for you to hear and see what you wanted - but it is not what you got.



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