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The Dec. 16 issue of the Hawaii Reporter ran a story stating that the costs being shouldered by American taxpayers for the Obamas’ 17-day family vacation is more than $4 million. As usual, the Obamas travel separately and simply must have Navy SEALs, Secret Service and the press corps to tend to their every need and desire.

What other American travelers bring limos, SUVs, helicopters and dozens of staff with them on vacation? And where is the fabled Obama sensitivity to the plight of the poor, unemployed and underprivileged while the president and his entourage eat like kings, live in palatial accommodations and play golf? Where is Michelle Obama’s compassion for the homeless while she poses for the paparazzi in a $2,000 sundress?

Here’s a hint: There isn’t any sensitivity or compassion and there never has been. The Obamas are pretty fair orators and for a while the “emperor” had half of America convinced that he was parading around in beautiful new clothes. Now a majority of Americans know that he and his congressional acolytes are quite naked - and we all can see them for what they are.

What of the Obama agenda? There never was anything special there, either. The president’s pathological hatred for capitalism and the America that his father despised so blindly was simply meant to be punished, no more, no less. Mr. Obama started his regime with his heart set on retribution, and that goal has never left his sight. Every executive order, every piece of legislation and every new regulation has punished all Americans in some way or another, as it was all designed to do. Mr. Obama has thrown his agenda into a fan and everybody - rich and poor alike - has been hit by a piece of it.

The Obama White House contains nothing of moral value. It is an empty place occupied by empty people and watching them as they painfully force themselves to appear to have compassion and sensitivity for an America they have no love for is insulting to me, as it should be to every American.



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