- The Washington Times - Friday, January 6, 2012


I was amazed by the statement this week in The Washington Times by Virginia State Delegate David L. Englin, Alexandria Democrat (“Eyes turn to Virginia as state weighs voter ID law,” Web, Jan. 2). He is quoted as saying, “There is a concerted effort around the country to make it more difficult, for particularly young people and minorities, to vote.” Wouldn’t you expect him to have evidence to support such a claim? He doesn’t have any.

To get a Virginia picture identification card, one can go to a local Department of Motor Vehicles office and produce a birth certificate or a valid passport and Social Security card, and a utility bill, tax bill or apartment lease as proof of residence. Pay a $10 fee, fill out an application, and the card is mailed to you in a week.

If you want to register to vote, call the state Board of Elections and ask it to send you an application. Fill it out, send it in, and the board will send you a voter registration card, which will tell you where to go on Election Day.

If you don’t have transportation to get to any of these places, I’m sure Mr. Englin would be happy to drive you to the location.





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