Monday, January 9, 2012

Scant hours into 2012, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet A. Napolitano’s “domestic terrorists” were at it again, good old Americans like Faisal Shahzad, whose botched truck bomb almost tore up a sizable chunk of Times Square in 2010.

These are people who attend the schools, churches and synagogues we do, who even joined the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts alongside us.

But then even the watchful eye of Homeland Security has missed so much. Consider, for example, the following: In Los Angeles, 24-year-old ponytailed legal immigrant Harry Burkhart became enraged that his illegal-alien mother was arrested on a 19-count fraud warrant from her native Germany (“Mother of L.A. arson suspect charged with fraud,” Jan. 3, Nation). His mother, Dorothee Burkhart, failed to pay for her breast-augmentation operation in Europe and skipped the Continent for the United States. No doubt she was a “hardworking, family-oriented, taxpaying” illegal alien.

Her son, after behaving despicably during his mother’s arraignment, profanely shouting how he hated America, was removed from the courthouse by U.S. marshals. He then allegedly went on a three-night firebomb rampage, setting 53 blazes, which destroyed dozens of vehicles and caused $3 million in damage. (Mercifully, he left no one dead or seriously injured.)

Meanwhile, in New York City, 40-year-old Guyanese immigrant Ray Lazier Lengend decided he did not like the way he was treated, first at a mosque, then a Hindu worship center, then at a local convenience store and finally by his neighbors. He, too, is suspected of having gone on a firebombing spree and targeting all of the above using bottles filled with gasoline. Naturally, he has a criminal record involving weapons and narcotics, but was still living in the United States, not having been deported to Guyana as he ought to have been.

Both cases involve foreign nationals, acts of terrorism with Molotov cocktails, attempted murder and hate crimes. Yet both will be tried by municipal authorities. Why?

It is this same psychosis that drives this leftist administration to think crazed foreigners that Homeland Security welcomes love America. This belief is not just false, it is psychotic. Homeland Security is paroling the miscreants and dregs of the first, second and third worlds into our communities, and then when these people behave like terrorists, the agency absolves itself.

Meanwhile, the locals bury the dead, clean up the mess, rebuild the community and absorb the cost of prosecution and incarceration.

Clearly, Ms. Napolitano’s beliefs and value system are foreign to ours, and under her direction, her department is a clear, present and recurring danger to American citizens. A class-action lawsuit is long overdue.


Ventura, Calif.

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