- The Washington Times - Thursday, July 26, 2012


Once again, the political left and the liberal media are trying to make political hay out of a horrific tragedy (“Media finds way to blame Tea Party for another violent tragedy, Web, July 20). The Aurora, Colo., movie theater massacre was the result of an evil, demented individual, period. Yet the left, whether through ABC, NBC, MSNBC or Democratic talking heads, immediately implicated the Tea Party and conservative talk radio.

Of course, they use the terrible event to push the gun-control issue, too. We have seen the extremes to which the left will go to destroy the Second Amendment, as displayed in the deadly Operation Fast and Furious program. This obsession of the left with exploiting atrocity is nothing new. The Tucson, Ariz. mass murder is another example of the left politicizing tragedy.

Why do they consistently do this? The right has substantial reason to implicate Hollywood, TV entertainment and the music industry for the denigration of our culture. Yet the right sees these tragedies for what they are: terribly sad events that negatively affect many lives.

I wonder how the left will spin the news that the Colorado shooting suspect had a federal grant with which he might have financed his rampage. I am sure they will somehow conclude it’s George W. Bush’s fault.


Brandon, Miss.



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