- The Washington Times - Monday, June 4, 2012


More Obama, fewer jobs, indeed (“More Obama, fewer jobs,” Comment & Analysis, Monday). With a hugely important presidential election fast approaching, the global economy in chaos, our faltering economy having created a mere 69,000 jobs in May, our government’s overstating of April job creation by 77,000 positions simply adds to a consistent pattern of the Obama administration’s costly public investment ineptocracy.

Republican candidate Mitt Romney must get tough with President Obama on the campaign trail and in the debates. The main issue, of course, will be the economy. Mr. Obama will continue to push away blame for the economic crash he “inherited.” Mr. Romney must remind voters of where the blame belongs.

Jimmy Carter’s Community Reinvestment Act and ACORN were largely the cause of the housing bubble, which filled the market with loans to unqualified buyers. Government-sponsored entities Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac blindly gobbled up half the nation’s mortgages. The Securities and Exchange Commission turned a blind eye to toxic mortgages, undercapitalized banks and mortgage lenders. Rep. Barney Frank and Sen. Chris Dodd prolonged the bubble until it burst, taking financial markets down with it. President Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress made the economy worse with their reactionary regulation, government growth, reckless spending and debt.

Prosperity is on the decline in America because government expansion and the welfare state are on the rise. If the welfare state is not turned around, the American bubble will burst and most of us will be working for the ruling class and the state. Mr. Obama is chairman of the Democrats’ public-investment money pit, replete with confiscatory taxation.

As president, Mitt Romney surely would lead by pushing government out of the way of private enterprise and the people’s business, allowing for the return of economic recovery, growth and freedom from overreaching government intrusion.


Apple Valley, Calif.



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