- The Washington Times - Friday, March 30, 2012


Is it any surprise that the Justice Department would consider bringing a hate-crime charge against George Zimmerman in the killing of teen Trayvon Martin (“DOJ on New Black Panther Party Zimmerman bounty: No comment,” Web, Friday)?

Let’s face the facts. This killing was a tragic event. Nonetheless, the forces of leftist “justice seekers” have been activated to declare that Mr. Zimmerman must be guilty because of racial motivations. Without evidence, leftists claim he is guilty until proved innocent.

Is it any surprise that in America today one’s constitutional rights can be trampled by an administration and racial demogogues devoted to kangaroo-court-style justice? Does anyone believe the Justice Department would undertake a hate-crime investigation if a black citizen purportedly committed a violent crime against a nonblack citizen or that society would defend the nonblack victim of a crime committed by a black person?

Mr. Zimmerman appears to have acted without having all the facts. That much is clear. What is not at all clear is whether he committed a crime. Until it is clear that he did, his constitutional rights must be protected. The mob mentality must end.


North Las Vegas, Nev.



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