- The Washington Times - Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke and the congressmen who wished to present her to the country as a victim are the new standard-bearers of a sick society (“Why Sandra Fluke should thank Rush Limbaugh,” Web, Monday).

Here we have an unmarried coed at a Catholic university telling the world that she and her cohort of friends are all sexually active - without shame or discretion - and expecting, nay demanding, that some third party pay for their play.

This situation represents a veritable Rubik’s Cube of individual and societal psychodysfunction. Where does one begin to slice and dice the various elements on display here? Ms. Fluke’s parents endorse both her behavior and position, and then she receives a shout-out from the occupant of the Oval Office. Does one conclude that this cadre represents the national norm for a new set of values and virtues? Is this the destination that the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan anticipated when he warned about “defining deviancy down”?

This sordid drama has received a seal of approval from the apex of the political pyramid, President Obama. What are the citizens to do, those “bitter” clingers, when this man once again makes a mockery of values they still honor, that quaint notion of the Founders and Framers that our Constitution was sufficient only for a moral and religious people? Perhaps this public episode offer insights into the mindset of an electorate that was so easily seduced by the empty slogan of “hope and change.” When you believe in nothing, you’ll believe in anything.

Just how did this issue morph into one about women’s health in the first place? We’re not discussing ovarian cysts or endometriosis. At issue here is recreational sex, engaged in with forethought, an act that has consequences and should be approached responsibly. Yet many in the nation nod affirmatively when some feminist legislator or media maven bemoans Ms. Fluke’s lack of access to birth control products and pharmaceuticals, claiming they have become a budget buster. Nonsense. They are readily available and moderately priced. Down the road at Planned Parenthood, they are provided at no (upfront) cost. Americans are simply resisting the federal requirement to pick up the tab for someone else’s roll in the hay.


Mountain Iron, Minn.

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