- The Washington Times - Friday, March 9, 2012

Sandra Fluke is the adult poster child for the hypocrisy of the political left (“Ms. Fluke’s fluke,” Commentary, Thursday). Out of one side of its collective mouth, the left demands that the government stay out of its bedroom and womb, but from the other side, it demands that the government (“we, the People”) pay for its birth control and abortions.

The left has enlisted this 30-year-old single woman attending a prestigious university to claim before Congress that she is going broke paying for contraception because of her sexually promiscuous behavior. Rush Limbaugh apologized for calling Ms. Fluke a “slut” (definition: “promiscuous woman”) a term almost as vulgar as one used by the left’s unapologetic Bill Maher to insult and humiliate former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, a married, monogamous, conservative Christian woman. What a double standard. Where is the outrage?

Ms. Fluke, President Obama and the Democrats are demanding that all Americans pay for the contraception of all women. This includes morning-after abortifacients and abortions - even though abortion is against the moral beliefs of half of all Americans. Does that sound absurd? It is. The left ridiculously has made birth control an issue in the presidential election with the intention of amassing the female vote, but any woman with an ounce of intelligence ought to see through this ruse.

This year’s election will decide the fate of America: whether we become a socialistic state or instead make a right turn toward a more moral society, the sort the Founders knew was imperative for a free America to survive. It will be up to each of us to put aside any disagreements, get behind the eventual GOP nominee and elect him president.


Berwyn Heights

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