- The Washington Times - Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Whether President Obama approves of homosexual “marriage” or not, his failure to successfully manage the American economy is the reality that he does not wish to discuss.

Homosexuals, like all Americans, need jobs, good pay, prosperous business enterprises, low gas prices and affordable electricity. No one needs endless government debt that we and the generations to follow will have to pay off if out-of-control government spending is not curtailed.

Everyone will suffer under Obamacare, for which this president took $500 billion from Medicare to fund. As a result, Medicare Advantage will no longer exist next year after the election. Democrats forcing banks to give mortgages to people who cannot afford them have made the housing market a mess. The president will raise taxes on everyone come January if he is still in the White House.

Mr. Obama recently made a big deal about student loans. But the legislation affects only new loans and would amount to only a $6-per-month increase in payments for one year. Talk about a distraction from the real matter at hand. This president is inept and needs to be replaced by someone like Mitt Romney, who is business-savvy and honest.


Salt Lake City



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