- The Washington Times - Wednesday, May 2, 2012


President Obama has again transformed Osama bin Laden’s death into political theater (“Osama bin Laden, one year later,” Commentary, Wednesday). However, the real enemy here is Wahhabi jihadism, not the latest mercurial, sociopath prophet and/or organization emerging from his and like heresies.

The Wahhabi/Salafi pattern not only justifies oligarchy, but empowers stateless terrorism. This heresy considers Jews, Christians, Sunnis, Shias and secularists subhuman, legitimate objects for slaughter. These terrorists reject traditional Muslim loyalties that value family, tribe and country, and substitute limitless murder and destruction.

Neither bin Laden’s death nor the crippling of al Qaeda constitutes victory when we are engaged in the first campaigns of a long war. Victory requires seeking out and supporting the anonymous, selfless individuals and constituencies willing to endanger their lives and those of their families to establish durable economic models and representative governments.

Such African and Asian governments bring the global war on terror victory by frustrating plans, breaking alliances and fracturing terrorist organizations into ever less effective units. Without cities, countries or armies, terrorists live out unnaturally shortened lives as pariahs.

Mr. Obama’s actions since coming into office have elevated Islamic despots, depreciated this country and displayed submissiveness to Sudanese, Syrian and Saudi Arabian leaders sponsoring (or at least tolerating) terrorism. The mission has not been accomplished.


Eugene, Ore.



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