- The Washington Times - Wednesday, May 30, 2012


In order to win in November Mitt Romney will need to do more to excite Republican and independent voters.

This will take more than brutal attack ads against President Obama. Eloquent speeches and clever sound bites won’t be enough. Neither will impressive debate performances and bold campaign promises.

Mr. Romney can set Republican and independent voters on fire with positive excitement by choosing Sen. Rand Paul, Kentucky Republican, for his running mate. The son of Rep. Ron Paul, Texas Republican, Rand Paul is a small-government conservative with libertarian leanings. More a plain-spoken statesman than a cautious politician, Rand Paul hasn’t been afraid to praise the Tea Party movement. He would, no doubt, be a controversial vice presidential pick, but controversy is sometimes preferable to indifference.

If a conventional, run-of-the-mill politician is chosen for vice president, Mr. Romney’s campaign will remain too bland to motivate apathetic voters who do not view Mr. Romney as much of an alternative to Mr. Obama.


Omaha, Neb.



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