- The Washington Times - Thursday, May 31, 2012


Lady Gaga is an artist and a genius (“Lady Gaga phony, bad influence,” Letters, Tuesday). Her album “Born This Way” is one of the most adventurous pop albums of the past decade.

Lady Gaga’s message of self-acceptance should not be shocking. In fact, it is extremely American, and I think if Jesus were alive today, he would listen to some of her songs and like them. Her message of acceptance and loving people for their differences screams the idea of liberty and the pursuit of happiness, tenets on which our country was founded.

Many conservative Christians want to shield their children from the currently reigning queen of pop, but they should embrace her instead. Lady Gaga is encouraging people to express themselves the way God made them. “Born This Way” speaks of how God makes no mistakes when He creates us. He loves all of us. You can’t get any more Christian than that.

So while she may do some provocative things - she is an artist, after all - Lady Gaga is anything but phony. She is brilliant and should be commended for how inspirational she is. This is coming from a Christian and a conservative.





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