- The Washington Times - Tuesday, May 8, 2012


So Nicolas Sarkozy and his center-right government are out, and Francois Hollande and his “moderate” Socialist Party are in (“Hollande wins French presidency over Sarkozy,” Web, Sunday).

For those as perplexed by the “moderate” descriptor as I was, allow me to enlighten you. It was only after examining Mr. Hollande’s platform that it became clear. One of his planks is to tax those making more than $1.3 million at a 75 percent marginal rate. Were he not “moderate,” he’d actually want the entire 100 percent. Thank goodness for temperance.

Au revoir, bourgeoisie; bonne chance, proletariat. You can bid adieu to whatever tax base France still has. Millionaires will be fleeing the country faster than the French army.

If that’s not enough to wreak fiscal havoc, Mr. Hollande also wants to roll back the retirement age for a good portion of the population from 62 to 60. Vive la France!

Some are calling Mr. Hollande’s brand of socialism “free-market social democracy.” Free market? Interesting. In his victory address, Mr. Hollande stressed that more emphasis needs to be placed on economic stimulus, and that growth and unemployment will be given equal weight with balancing budgets. The problem is, I’m guessing, he sympathizes with that other “great free-market social-democracy” theorist, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat. To hear her tell it, nothing creates jobs like food stamps.

Who needs the Occupy movement when the Bastille has just been stormed and a 21st century Robespierre is ready with a new Reign of (Economic) Terror? God help the French.


Presto, Pa.



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