- The Washington Times - Thursday, November 1, 2012


If President Obama is elected to a second term, there is a distinct possibility the public will end up having Joseph R. Biden Jr. as president. Why? Because of Libya.

If re-elected, there is a chance Mr. Obama will be forced to resign, as will Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. During the Watergate scandal, then-President Richard Nixon was forced to resign — not over the break-in but because of the cover-up. The situation of Benghazi, Libya, is worse.

In Watergate, Republicans were behind a break-in of a Democratic office, but no one was killed. In Libya, it appears that Mr. Obama may have culpability in the deaths of four Americans. He wanted to maintain an image that all was well, and no one was to rock the boat. This prevented the State Department and the Defense Department from providing adequate protection. Mr. Obama did not take action during the seven-hour attack to save the Americans and later claimed the attack was a spontaneous demonstration caused by a video. This was not the case.





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