- - Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pollster John Zogby grades the president’s week and how its events affect him and his agenda.

Grade: A

“President Obama won long if not deep on Tuesday. In the popular vote, with Florida fully counted and certified, it looks like he has won by a margin of 3 million votes nationwide. In 2008, there were 12 battleground states that had been red (George W. Bush states) that turned to Mr. Obama. He kept all of those states except Indiana and North Carolina. Even though many of these states had close margins, he still won them en route to a 332-206 victory in the Electoral College, enough to be qualified as a rout.

“Mr. Obama won by essentially creating a new demographic-based coalition in 2008 of Hispanics, blacks, young voters and the creative class. He held that coalition intact in 2012.

“As currently constituted, the Republicans do not have a similar base that is capable of producing a winning majority. Mr. Obama has the wind at his back. He has serious crises to face — the fiscal cliff, the European financial crisis, the mysterious resignation of his CIA director, and a volatile Middle East facing several flashpoints. But he won, and Republicans are left to soul-searching and meeting America’s demographic changes.

“In a Zogby post-election poll, 61 percent of voters said they want the new Congress to cooperate and compromise with the president and avoid confrontation and the use of rules to block votes to prevent the president from carrying out his agenda. A big week for the president.”



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