- The Washington Times - Monday, November 12, 2012


It should never have happened. We’ve re-elected the most anti-Christian president we have ever had in the White House.

Apparently, it wasn’t enough that President Obama found ways to do end runs around the will of Congress and the Constitution. Does anybody remember when he wanted to declare Obamacare “virtually” passed — apparently because he simply felt it should be? Does anybody remember him declaring Congress not in session so he could make an appointment without the required consent? As for the will of the people, I suspect that he honestly believes that he decides what that is, and that he knows what “we, the people,” need.

Now, while cloaking himself in a mantle of Christianity, he would legislate by decree that the church is to be governed by him where doctrine is concerned. He would force the church to rubber-stamp his own godless agenda by taking an active role in carrying it out. Then he would claim legitimacy by the enforced “backing” of the church — and those churches that resist would be deemed enemies of the state.

This modus operandi is in the grand tradition of the Kulturkampf of the 19th century. The practice is still alive and well in places such as China and the totalitarian governments of Southeast Asia.

Mr. Obama may profess Christianity, but he and his health care mandate are trying to tell the church what to believe. I wonder whether he is just godless or if he honestly believes he is God’s right hand.


Silver Spring



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