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President Obama has provided a glimpse of what his second term might look like. His grand idea for jump-starting the economy and getting us back on the road to prosperity is creating another Cabinet-level position. That’s right — more government. When your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail, and boy, have we been nailed.

According to Mr. Obama, the new position will be secretary of business (“Ryan mocks Obama’s ‘Secretary of Business’ idea,” Web, Friday). If it weren’t so sad, you’d have to laugh. Can you imagine a bigger admission of economic cluelessness? Of course, the position ostensibly would be ceremonial. Everyone knows the only economic counsel Mr. Obama seeks is his own. If a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client, what does that make a redistributionist president who is his own chief economist?

Who would even take such a position? It would have to be someone used to being ignored more than an Obama administration cover-up. Maybe I’m just cynical, but Mr. Obama could be on to something. If you are really terrible at a particular task, why not bring in another party to help? In that vein, I can’t wait for him to create the post of secretary of leadership.


Presto, Pa.

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