- The Washington Times - Wednesday, November 7, 2012


President Obama has to be pinching himself and belly laughing. He has successfully transformed our free-market society, built on freedom and opportunity, into a central-government socialist state — and now he has four more years of power to seal the deal (“Obama wins second term,” Page 1, Wednesday).

A well-orchestrated campaign demonizing the rich (the job providers), blaming the George W. Bush administration for our financial woes and quite simply conning the American public into thinking we are on the right path could not have succeeded without the all-out, 24-hours-a-day efforts of the left-wing media.

This liberal takeover didn’t happen overnight. We have been giving up freedoms and becoming more dependent on government for years. There are now finally more takers than providers. Unions and other anti-business liberals will soon find out what happens when you kill the Golden Goose — but unfortunately, it will be too late by the time they do. Redistribution of wealth has never worked.


Charlotte, N.C.



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