- The Washington Times - Friday, October 12, 2012

I think the best inventions, best music, best literature and best building construction are still forthcoming — and they all will happen thanks to self-reliant, free men. More important, the family unit will grow again with more hope and happiness. However, this won’t be accomplished if freedom and liberty in this country continue to be eroded by the election of corrupt civic leaders who take and spend money from the pockets of decent men, and by fellow citizens who covet and think they have a right to the fruit of the labor of their neighbors.

Since when, as a nation founded on Judeo-Christian values, does stealing the fruit of our fellow countrymen’s efforts and giving it to someone else equate to Christian charity? True Christian charity, if we are honest, is “one’s time or goods” kindly (and most often anonymously) given by the person who earned those things.

This election season, I am looking for people locally, statewide and nationally, regardless of party affiliation, who hold sacred the great moral culture of this land: Judeo-Christian values, the Bible, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. I hope to cast my vote for individuals who will preserve liberty so that I and others around me, through steadfast effort, can receive and keep the fruit of our labor. I want to elect people who think that what we sow ought to be what we reap — those who recognize the hand of the Creator.


Cottonwood, Idaho

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