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Is it in the best interest of Congress and the White House to get the debt under control? By best interest, I am not referring to fiscal responsibility but political power and control over people. The answer probably is no.

Think about it: The more Washington spends, the more control politicians think they have. All they have to do is keep raising taxes and fees, keep exempting themselves and keep circumventing their obligations. This keeps us under their thumb. They do not look at the long-range effects of their actions or the probability of civil unrest. They are not paying attention to the fiscal point of no return that leads to total collapse. They seem to think there is a limitless supply of funds that can either be taken from the citizenship or printed by the Federal Reserve to bail them out of their mismanagement, favors, graft and corruption.

If the electorate must worry about putting food on the table and a roof over their heads, how can they concentrate on changing a government and a political structure? History dictates that a tipping point will come when the populace wakes up and begins to organize. This has started to some degree, but people do not know where to turn. We must become a galvanizing force of opposition — not for personal gain or power, but for the salvation of this nation under God’s vision as expressed through the Founding Fathers.


Wilton, N.Y.

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